"Thessaloniki" is the largest, safe, stylish and modern sea travel boat with a spacious saloon and deck that offers a unique experience. With a 50-minute trip and frequent daily sailings from April to October, it is an innovative solution for getting around the greater Thessaloniki area. With a choice between a comfortable lounge with a fully equipped bar and a magnificent deck to enjoy sunset cruises, it gives the passenger the impression of a cruise ship on the Thermaikos coastline.
Join us for an unforgettable experience, any time of the day and keep your eyes peeled for the playful dolphins that often accompany us!

There are daily services to Perea and Nei Epivates.
Two departure points are available from Thessaloniki:
From the port, next to pier A, where there is a large iron crane with a Greek flag.
Behind the Royal Theatre, next to the White Tower.
Required trip time: 50 minutes. Arrive at the stop at the time indicated in the schedule.


Book your ticket online now to secure your seat on the boat "Thessaloniki".
In case of cancellation due to poor weather conditions, the e-ticket is valid for one year. Tickets are also available online during the journey. Payment can be made either in cash or by card, and e-ticket holders have priority boarding. The capacity of "Thessaloniki" is 183 seats. For your convenience, you can ensure priority and safe boarding by purchasing an e-ticket.
From May to October, online tickets will be available at all times and can be booked via our official website.
We are a private company and do not receive government funding.
Discounted tickets are available for people with disabilities at the price of 5€.

Ticket price/person
Κανονικό: 7,00€
Μειωμένο: 5,00€

«Following a decision by the Port Authority, the schedules will change weekly.»


Port – White Tower: 5 minutes duration
Nei Epivates – Perea: 10 minutes duration
Perea – White Tower: 55 minutes duration
White Tower – Port: 10 minutes duration
Point of Departure: Port of Thessaloniki, White Tower